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3 Cool Ways Radar Guns are Used

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 16 May 2018 10:18 AM / Comments Off on 3 Cool Ways Radar Guns are Used / 393 views

a man playing baseballSpeed is something that we consider important because of its many applications in our lives. As such, we have scrambled to create technologies that allow us to measure speed more efficiently. Perhaps the most versatile is the speed radar gun.

While commonly associated with law enforcement, speed radar guns have many great uses that are truly fascinating. Here are three of the most interesting uses for a radar gun—some might be up your alley.

1. Baseball pitch refinement​

One of the biggest contributors to success in any game of baseball is the speed of a pitcher’s pitch. This allows their team a leg up through the innings, preventing the other team from scoring. A high-quality radar gun is commonly used by the best teams to track the speed of their pitcher’s throws. This data can then be used to improve training and form, which will lead to success on the field.

2. Improving running speeds​

Another athletic application that gets overlooked is the application of a speed radar gun in running. Whether you do it professionally or for fitness, a radar gun is an invaluable tool to help improve your performance. That’s because the standard way of depending on a stopwatch is usually inaccurate and not likely to produce unbiased results. You don’t even need to go for an expensive and high-end model to benefit.

3. Testing products for safety​

Finally, a great practical application for radar guns is in the testing of products that are dependent on speed for functionality. For instance, motorcycles and scooters can benefit from testing their maximum safe speeds before sales. This will help with their compliance with safety standards. Any other products that require a safety setting for compliance with state or national standards will benefit greatly from higher-end radar gun models.

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If accurate speed readings are what you need, then you should invest in a dependable radar gun. This device is worth the investment because of the accuracy of the results it provides.