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3 SEO Updates You Need to Know and Keep in Mind

By Admin / Published on Friday, 24 Jun 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on 3 SEO Updates You Need to Know and Keep in Mind / 632 views

SEO UpdatesEverybody knows that Google is still the leading authority when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). When they release a new algorithm or update a standard, you must keep up and make the necessary changes to maintain your website’s SEO value. If you don’t, they can penalize your site and all the hard work you’ve put will be gone. To help you keep your site on top of search results, here are some updates that affected SEO results the most this 2016 (so far).

Revelation of Ranking Signals

Every Minneapolis SEO agency has only been using trial and error to know which ranking signals are most important to make websites rank high on search results. Google disclosed that there are 200 and more, but last March, they finally revealed the top three. This is important because SEO specialists now know what to prioritize. Google said that link, content, and RankBrain (an article intelligence system) determines the search rankings. Make sure to prioritize them for your search rankings to go up.

Warning for Lack of Mobile-Friendliness

Now that there are more search queries coming in from mobile devices than desktops, it’s understandable for Google to prioritize the mobile-friendliness of websites. That’s why starting in April, they have already started issuing a warning to webmasters who aren’t updating their websites to be more mobile-friendly. You can use Google’s mobile-friendly help page as a guide if you don’t’ have a mobile-friendly website yet.

Updated Search Quality Rating Guidelines

In March, Google published an updated version of the November 2015 Search Quality Rating Guidelines for websites. The file has 146 pages and includes information that will help you in all your search engine optimization efforts. Changes include more emphasis on local SEO and mobile websites and de-emphasis on supplementary content.

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Keep these updates in mind to improve your SEO efforts further. Make sure you’re doing everything right in Google’s eyes because that’s the search engine you want to impress most.