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3 Things People Don’t Tell You About Yoga

By Admin / Published on Monday, 07 Nov 2016 02:01 AM / Comments Off on 3 Things People Don’t Tell You About Yoga / 1087 views

Facts about YogaYou’ve heard people, even friends, say that yoga has changed their lives. There are people who swear by it. There are those who can’t seem to last a week without attending three sessions. And there are even those who leave their corporate jobs to become yogis. You hear a lot about yoga’s benefits but here are 3 things they probably wouldn’t tell you.

Yoga won’t work unless you have the discipline thing down pat

Actually, all workouts (or diet for that matter) won’t work if you’re eating everything in your pantry right after a workout. Unlike other contact sports, yoga is mentally challenging, too, because it requires you to keep quiet and stay still while you do those pretzel-like poses. If you’re easily bored, you won’t reap its benefits.

The struggle not to compare is real

Seeing those cute Yoga outfits, svelte figure and amazing yoga poses were probably what drove you to try the workout. While everyone begins somewhere, it would be hard not to feel a little intimidate when you’re in a room filled with yogis who are as flexible as a cat. And those yoga outfits? They look good on Instagram, sure, but it’s a different story when you’re wearing them and trying to balance as if your life depends on it.

Yoga can help relieve anxiety, if you allow it

Compared to boxing and other contact sport for fitness, yoga is one of the most calm-looking workouts there is today. This calmness allows you to break free from the real world and into that space or zone where everything is neat and in its place. In a fast-paced world, everyone needs to stay still for a while and yoga can do it for you if you allow yourself to be still for a while. At first, the medication part can be so challenging but once you’ve mastered the art of tuning in and out, you’ll see why yogis swear by the benefits of yoga.

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As more and more people understand the benefits of yoga, gyms can benefit too from yoga studio software to help manage everyday operations such as online bookings and customer feedback. If you’ve always been intrigued about the life-changing effects of yoga, you can give it a twist and see if this workout is for you.