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3 Ways to Make the Perfect Road-Trip Playlist

By Admin / Published on Monday, 11 Jun 2018 08:34 AM / Comments Off on 3 Ways to Make the Perfect Road-Trip Playlist / 328 views

Group of friends on a road tripWhen Leonard Cohen described music as “the emotional life of most people,” he wasn’t exaggerating. Not everyone can be a professional musician, but everyone certainly knows to appreciate good music.

Indeed, there’s nothing like a good playlist to make any adventure with friends worthwhile. So ditch the headphones and turn on that portable wireless outdoor speaker. To craft the perfect playlist for your next road trip, you’ll first need to learn the basics.

1. Make a playlist with songs everyone knows.

What better way to have fun with everyone in the car than singing along to the same song together? The best part of any road trip usually gets remembered with one stand-out song. It doesn’t matter if everyone’s a pro singer or if nobody is.

2. Make a playlist that lets everyone show off.

Sometimes, the best playlists aren’t the ones you prepare at home. By passing the control to your other friends, you’re encouraging them to get more involved. Not only does this prevent anyone from nodding off in the backseat—it also gives you a chance to get to know each other better.

Recent studies show music preferences can reveal a lot about someone’s personality. Sharing your unique music tastes is a way to deepen friendships without going through the awkward-questions phase.

3. Make a playlist that helps set the mood.

When the night gets emotional, it sometimes helps to have your portable wireless outdoor speaker on in the background. Here, you can play some ambient music to encourage the feelings to come out.

You can also play some soft background tunes to soothe any intense emotions. Just be careful the volume isn’t turned on too loud. You wouldn’t want the music to overpower the mood of the room, after all completely.

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The power of good music is something professional musicians swear by. Although we listen to our favorite songs in different ways, buying a good speaker is always worth the investment, if it means making your road trip a memorable one.