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4 Ingenious Uses for GPS

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 05 Jul 2018 09:20 AM / Comments Off on 4 Ingenious Uses for GPS / 252 views

GPS on PhoneGlobal Positioning System or GPS is a very useful technology. It uses satellites high in the sky to find any point in the world using a receiver. A GPS simulator makes sure the receivers are working properly. The main purpose of a GPS receiver is to pinpoint a location. Most people use it to get where they want to go, and many also use it to keep track of children, pets, and phones. However, some people have found ingenious ways to use it as well.

Catching Criminals

GPS receivers can be very small and can fit into smartphones. They can also fit in medicine bottles and special bullets to track criminals. Law enforcers, for instance, put GPS receivers in decoy bottles of prescription drugs such as oxycodone, a frequent target of drug thieves. They also use GPS bullets to tag cars of criminals, cutting down on car chases.

Tagging Sharks

Anyone terrified of recreating the beach scene in Jaws can rest easy. Scientists have tagged almost 50 great white sharks with GPS receivers. The OCEARCH does this to track their movements and gather information about their behavior. A bonus is that the GPS signals an alarm when these sharks come within biting distance of a beach. Lifeguards can then warn people to get out of the water.

Creating Art

Artist Michael Wallace uses mapping software and a GPS tracker on his bicycle to “draw” on the virtual streets of his native Baltimore. He would bike along the streets and in the park to create his works of art. His work includes a map drawing of the Titanic and a scene from the “Angry Birds” game.

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Hunting for Treasure

Most people have heard of Pokemon Go, where people risk their lives to chase virtual pokemon characters. That uses GPS. However, an earlier and potentially more profitable version of this was geocaching. A type of treasure hunt game, people cache or hide items and plot the locations on an online map. Participants use a GPS-enabled device like a smartphone to find them.

You can use GPS for a number of different interesting things. However, the receiver has to work properly. A GPS simulator makes sure of this.