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4 Ways to Keep Human Error from Ruining Your Business

By Admin / Published on Friday, 06 Apr 2018 17:32 PM / Comments Off on 4 Ways to Keep Human Error from Ruining Your Business / 462 views

Man realizing mistakesEvery year, human error is listed as one of the top causes of downtime in many companies all over the world. Interestingly, this is also among the easiest problems to prevent.

Here are some effective ways to do that:

1. Use barcodes

Errors arising from manually entered data can completely be eliminated using a barcode printer. This technology is incredibly simple, reliable and affordable. A barcode scan is especially useful for retail businesses that serve clients over the counter and makes customer service quick and accurate.

2. Put training first

When your weakest link as a company is your employees, then you need to prepare for a disaster. A self-respecting business goes out of its way to ensure that its team consists of highly competent individuals. Once you’ve recruited qualified personnel, take the time to train and educate them regarding their roles to keep the chances of error low.

3. Let sensitive systems be handled by the qualified

If there are systems in your company that are vital to your mission and prone to human error, make sure only employees with clearance and qualifications can access them. These few individuals must be thoroughly skilled on handling these systems.

4. Hold regular refresher courses

At least once each year, devote some time for a refresher course to ensure that there is retention of information among your employees. Such courses are likewise important whenever you get more advanced equipment that you feel your employees may need to be trained in using.

While there is no formula for eliminating the possibility of human error in your company, it is your responsibility as a leader to minimise it. By implementing one simple policy at a time, you can soon build a conscientious workplace culture and avoid losses.

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