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A Greater Arena: Adapting your Gym for 2016

By Admin / Published on Friday, 22 Jan 2016 05:58 AM / Comments Off on A Greater Arena: Adapting your Gym for 2016 / 679 views

Fitness CenterIt is that time of the year again where people suddenly mob fitness centers in hordes, realizing that they are a little bit more pudgy than they would like to be. To regular athletes, this is called the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ phenomenon. It is at this time that gym memberships skyrocket at the influx of new clients determined to lose weight and be fit this year.

For fitness center members like yourself, this means good business. More clients mean more memberships. And more memberships mean more revenue for your humble establishment. But, the question arises: is your business ready to tackle this sudden flock of clients? Here are the three things you should assess and improve if you are to capitalize in this sudden boom in the market.


Fitness centers are manned by professional fitness trainers. These people essentially form the staff of the establishment, guiding the new clients and handing them their first training programs. The quality and quantity of the trainers you have at any given time greatly influences the number of clients you can accommodate. So to be able to handle the newbies, you have to revamp your staff. Retrain and refresh trainers on their knowledge of the many fitness trends, nutrition, and exercise regimens. Hire new ones if you find yourself short-handed. A competent and sufficient staff will go a long way in tackling this new boom.


Fitness centers, whether they are yoga studios, weight rooms, martial arts arena, or whatnot, place a good stock of their success in the equipment at their disposal. For weight rooms, these are the dumbbell and barbell sets, exercises machines, benches and the like. For martial arts, these are punching bags, rings, weights. Now, to tackle the influx of new clients, you will have to reassess if your establishment is equipped well enough for it. Immediately send equipment for calibration, repairs and maintenance, and invest in new equipment. Much of what potential clients look for in a fitness center is the equipment available. Rest assured that the quality and quantity of your equipment is a good investment for attracting clients for the year. Also, with the great number of new clients to be expected, your current equipment will be getting more wear and tear than usual, so be prepared to spend on maintenance.

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A sudden boom in memberships mean you will have to streamline how you do your business. From accounting to collecting fees, you will need to look for new inventive ways to keep on top of everything. Employing the use of certain gym software can help your recordkeeping of clients in good order and the like. Come up with new policies and procedures on how to better deal with the number of clients in your charge, and immediately orient your staff with them. Adapting how you deal with things will help you accommodate more clients for the year.

With a legion of new gym-goers on the horizon, best adapt fast so you can successfully exploit this boom in the market, no sweat (pun intended).