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Beefing Up Education With Technology

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 13 May 2015 03:12 AM / Comments Off on Beefing Up Education With Technology / 246 views

researchTechnology, just like in other aspects of life, plays an important role in education. It helps millions of students worldwide by serving as a medium for sharing information swiftly, which is key to productive learning. Whether it is for doing research or viewing pictures and videos to better illustrate certain objects, technology is indeed a big boost to a student’s learning experience.

Despite of the many benefits it brings to the table, some sectors still believe that such manmade marvel does not have any place inside a classroom. Many people wonder if the cost of bringing such to the educational system outweighs its benefits. Many people question also, if teachers should rely on digital tools for a significant portion of their classroom instruction.

Different Perception

Some people support the use of tablets and other gadgets inside the classroom. They believe it will harness a teacher’s full potential with the availability if unlimited information in the internet as well as keep students interested. Experts who are in favor of utilizing technology in classroom settings suggest that it would greatly improve learning, as it can individualize instruction. Meaning teachers need not go from one student to another, repeating steps, which they have missed. Many people see such method as a way to help ensure that every student is reaping the full benefit in school.

While others think of computers as the future of education, some conservative thinking people believe that it does more harm than good. The reliance on tablets, laptops and other devices may diminish a teacher’s role. It is true that the internet is a good source of information, and that is something everyone realizes, however some people are convinced that teachers should use classroom time to focus purely on teach pupils how to process such information by dissecting each idea carefully and explaining how it changes their view of the world. Moreover, people are wondering whether such practice would distract a student rather than keep them interested. The role of the teacher may be put into jeopardy, as students will now have to shift their attentions on some sort of screen.

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With the mix emotions of people regarding such matter, school officials are caught between a difficult situation, forcing them to halt programs that is set to employ various gadgets in teaching. Nonetheless, some schools have already started using tablets, projectors and other high tech tools in discussing lessons to students.