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Cable Management: Three Ways You Can Organise Your Cords and Wires

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Cable Management: Three Ways You Can Organise Your Cords and Wires / 868 views

Technology has been extremely helpful in the workplace, of that there is no Wires tangled updoubt. Processes and operations are now many times faster than they would have been if we had to do them manually. This, of course, means that the more systems you have, the more wires you have to deal with.

Behind lightning-speed processors and excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, modems are an entanglement of cables and cords that seem to interweave each other endlessly. Although they may seem incomprehensibly tangled, here are three easy ways you can organise your wires:

Check the Label

More often than not, what makes cable management a tedious task is you don’t know which cable belongs to which device. To avoid confusion, invest in self-laminating labels that you can wrap around your cords to set them apart from each other. Self-laminating labels are also ideal for more delicate wires because of their superior chemical and abrasion resistance.

Quick, Easy Ties

A wire tie is a foolproof and economical choice for securing a multitude of cables together. Begin wrapping a wire tie around one end of the cords and do so every three to four feet for a firm finish. Just make sure to give the cords some wiggle space to prevent scratches and damage.

In Bundles

Cord snakes and wire raceways are both effective in bringing your cords together in one bundle to keep them from creating chaos behind your gadgets. They also conceal the wires for a seamless look, eliminating any messy eyesores. Some people leave the snakes and raceways against a wall or hidden behind furniture, but you may attach them to a wall and paint them to put them completely out of sight.

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Get rid of the rat’s nest below your desk. With these three tricks, handling wires should no longer be a problem.