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Can Home Security Systems Stop Burglaries in Nashville?

By Admin / Published on Friday, 12 Feb 2016 07:18 AM / Comments Off on Can Home Security Systems Stop Burglaries in Nashville? / 669 views

Home SecurityMore than 24,000 property crimes happen in Nashville every year. Out of this number, more than 40% are burglaries. Armed robberies make up a big portion of all violent crimes in the area, and many claim the lack of security systems and alarms results in the rising number of cases. While there are no recent statistics to support this, it still makes sense. But, can installing them in homes and establishments really lessen the cases of robbery?

Nashville Bank Robbery

The availability of home alarm systems is not an issue in the area, since there are many providers. The problem, however, is how accessible the alarms are when a situation arises. Last month, a Nashville bank has been robbed by an unknown man. Surveillance footage shows the man walking up to the teller with a Bible in hand, which has the robbery note. The teller complied.

Although the bank has surveillance cameras, the staff was unable to keep the robbery from happening. It is unclear whether the place has alarms or not, but they did not work when necessary. Security systems may give a roundabout of the whole place, but if no one acts on what he sees on the footage, nothing happens.

Alarm Systems

There are different alarms, and most of them are easily operable. With the use of smartphones, one can monitor homes and other properties anytime. With recent technological advancements, alarms may send text notifications to home owners when someone attempts to get into their property.

Most people choose not to install security alarms, for fear of large expenses and complicated user interface. But, the effective ones can save them a lot of money from damages and losses, as they keep houses secure. And what are a few days’ worth of learning how to use them compared to the risk of losing lifetime savings? There are a number of options, but by not getting one, it’s like there is none at all.

Security systems may help prevent crimes in any place, not just Nashville. But, residents also have to make responsible choices and actions for these measures to work. In the end, like any technology, they can only do so much.