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Change Your Customer Experience in 3 Ways

By Admin / Published on Monday, 04 Jul 2016 07:29 AM / Comments Off on Change Your Customer Experience in 3 Ways / 1041 views

Customer ExperienceRegardless of your industry, the market is likely saturated. When you’re selling the same things as thousands of other direct competitors, your last competitive edge is how you treat people who walk through the door. Do you provide an experience that encourages them to tell their friends as well as come back for more?

Here are some ways to optimise your customer experience today:

Give them free internet. Not only does everyone appreciate free Internet, you can also use your WiFi setup to further market your products to people who are already inside the store. There are companies who offer hotspot management software that can allow you to customise log-in pages, giving you one extra option to turn leads into paying customers.

Train your people. People who are working the floor should establish a natural, though non-invasive, rapport with your customers. They’re not the only ones that should be trained to communicate and connect with the clients. Everyone working for the company should be equipped with the basics to assist. Think of customer experience as an ‘all hands on deck’ situation.

Do market research. It’s tempting to go all out in innovating your store and trying out new technologies. You could upgrade checkout counters with self-service machines only to find out your customers appreciate face-to-face transactions. Before spending your budget on upgrades your customers haven’t asked for, invest resources on market research to give them what they ask for. You’ll be surprised with simple and cost-effective requests.

Think like a buyer and do a walkthrough of your own store. Consider the experience from the moment they pull up your driveway until they leave the premises. While the product is a priority, giving them a complete, well thought-out, and convenient experience should not be a far second. 89% of companies will soon be competing based on customer experience alone. How do you fare against businesses around you?

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