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Cloud Collaboration: Microsoft’s SQL Server Opens to Linux

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 24 Nov 2016 07:51 AM / Comments Off on Cloud Collaboration: Microsoft’s SQL Server Opens to Linux / 1020 views

Cloud CollaborationBusiness owners who are eyeing the use of SQL server technologies to maximise their investments no longer have to worry if they are using Linux.

Microsoft recently announced that their flagship database platform — which was originally only for Windows — will also run on Linux from the next version onward. This means that the deployment of workload will be more accessible on-premises or in the cloud for more companies.

What does the collaboration mean?

Microsoft released their latest version of SQL Server for Windows early in June. Just this month, they started working on the next version’s availability to both Linux and Windows systems.

They will base the SQL Server Next on Linux and SQL Server Next on Windows on a single code base, according to company officials. This means that while some features have platform-specific characteristics, the products are not completely different. The Linux release will still include the major features of the Microsoft’s database platform. It’s just that it follows the specific file path of the said system.

How does this affect businesses?

According to DBA Services, a database server infrastructure expert, businesses that are using or are interested in using SQL Server are at an advantage with Microsoft’s announcement.

Oracle has long been providing their server to Linux. With Microsoft in the picture, businesses on Oracle now have the option to use Microsoft’s cloud-based SQL Server — even if they aren’t running a Windows system.

Furthermore, companies who run a mixture of Linux and Windows systems may lower the costs of running server infrastructure through Microsoft’s move. The collaboration paves the way for the availability of SQL Server to both systems, meaning more places and cloud space for the server to reach.

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Finally, those who wonder how Microsoft’s SQL Server runs on Linux will have an answer. The server’s next version will be available for both Linux and Windows by the middle of next year.