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Dust Collector Booths: How Sure Are You That Your Workplace Needs One?

By Admin / Published on Friday, 17 Feb 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Dust Collector Booths: How Sure Are You That Your Workplace Needs One? / 914 views

Industrial WorkplaceIf you want a clean and safe workplace, a dust collector booth may be your golden ticket. In industrial workplaces, it can be a bit challenging to work if you feel that the environment is not clean. Worse, you may even feel that it is not safe.

Then again, did you ever think that maybe you do not need such a booth? What if all it will do is create additional costs? Well, that is for you to find out. Here is a look at some facts about a dust collector booth.

It Features Highly Supportive Components

High-volume loads of dust? A dust collector booth can handle all of them. This is because of its components. It features a dust filter, blower, filter-cleaning system, and dust removal system.

Some Common Types

There are many types of dust collector booths. There are different types because there are different ways that workplaces want the air to be cleaned. Some of the common types of dust collectors are fabric filters, unit collectors, and wet scrubbers.

Dust Collectors vs. Air Cleaners

Often, dust collector booths are compared to air cleaners. This should not come as a surprise. After all, both kinds of equipment are made to clean the air.

The main difference? Dust collector booths are made with non-disposable components. Meanwhile, with air cleaners, you can throw away the filters after using them because they are disposable anyway.

The Need for a Dust Collector Booth

You need a dust collector booth because it makes air quality levels better. Other than dust, it also collects impurities of sorts from the air or gas. With it, you, as well as your employees, can focus on what you do best: working productively. Let the quality of breathable air be the least of your worries.

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Yes, a booth for dust collection will require more money from you. But, from what it can do, it is a sound investment. Besides, it can make a much cleaner and safer working environment.