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ERP Systems: Features to Consider

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 21 Mar 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on ERP Systems: Features to Consider / 451 views

Person reading a report on a computerManufacturers can quickly find their work suspended without the proper procurement process, yet people often overlook the strategies to prevent such issues, such as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) procurement functionality. These days purchase starts with streamlining and standardising the process. In some instances, it also includes automating the payment processes.

Online ERP requires a business to create an efficient and successful procurement strategy. This way, the company can keep costs under control. They can, for example, pick the best suppliers, manage risk and enforce new policies. A good ERP will include the following features in its procurement module.

Purchase orders

The request to buy goods is the basis of a procurement. It states the period the product is expected and the total number of products. If an ERP system lacks this, the purchase is almost impossible. The purchase order usually includes a list of items to be delivered alongside the expected delivery dates, and this makes the transaction official and quick.

Credit card support

Sometimes, the procurement can be made without the purchase order. Credit card support enables businesses and clients to make payments fast and allows business transactions on credit. The ERP can manage the operations through a general ledger account. Some ERPs can even be integrated with payment processing features to process the payment.

Contract management

A business can use the ERP to manage the finances of a company, so a contract management feature is a must-have in such cases. It will also have accounts receivable and payable integrated within the ERP. Some ERP’s also provide an option to have alternative suppliers with some form of agreement to serve as insurance against the unforeseen. As a side benefit, you no longer miss milestones or deadlines.

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The ERP has many management features that can keep a record of the transactions and provide audit records when the need arises. ERPs are changing businesses, in some ways, more efficiently than before. It helps to know which features to look for before making a business overhaul.