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Gamification: Why Gamifying your Online Marketing Strategy Works

By Admin / Published on Sunday, 25 Sep 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Gamification: Why Gamifying your Online Marketing Strategy Works / 1420 views

Gamification is the process of using game elements into marketing and business Gamification in marketingstrategies. For instance, Starbucks gives you a stamp each time you buy a coffee and 10 stamps can get you a drink for free. It’s similar to completing a quest and reaping the rewards. In the online realm, it could be using game elements, such as loyalty points, featured users, progress bars, or leaderboards. These resonate with the inherent instincts of humans—curiosity, competitiveness, and exploration. Why do people fall for gamification?

Gamification Provides Control to Users

Directing a potential customer their desired goals is a vital component of the user’s journey. It’s exactly like choosing a game level to play in and that “choose your own adventure” book series. Online classes likewise do gamification extremely well. A user could choose a level or specific lecture and he or she suddenly feels in control of the class. It’s extremely simple, but all people love making their own choices.

Gamification Reinforces Good Behavior

The Almighty Facebook is outstanding at integrating gamification in the subtlest way possible, according to digital marketing specialists in MN. For instance, a user posts a photo or a status and then gets rewarded with responses or likes, hahas, loves, and wows. The user does it again and again, with the real winner being Facebook who ensures user engagement and cashes in on that. Put simply, reward your users at every stage in their journey to reinforce what you wish for them to do.

Gamification Informs Users of Where They Are and Where They’re Going

Every game provides users with a roadmap to success. People don’t like to be kept in the dark about where they’re headed and they always like to know exactly where they are in the entire process. For a business website, something as seemingly inconsequential like a progress bar could act as a roadmap for site visitors.

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Gamification Offers a Sense of Accomplishment

If a potential customer uses your app or visits your site, they’re attempting to accomplish something—learning a lesson, purchasing something, getting fit, etc. If you could make a user feel that they have accomplished something, anything, chances are that they will come back to your site or continue using your website. Even something like saying “great work!” after a user finishes a task, no matter how simple, aids in creating a milestone.

Basically, gamification done right works because it’s capable of eliciting real and potent emotions—joy, excitement, curiosity, and intrigue. These emotions are positive experiences that will result in increased sales, loyalty, and better user engagement.