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Generating High Pressure and Flow in Multistage Pumps

By Admin / Published on Friday, 24 Nov 2017 23:15 PM / Comments Off on Generating High Pressure and Flow in Multistage Pumps / 707 views

A water centrifugal pumpThere are direct relationships between centrifugal pumps and water turbines. A turbine is basically a water wheel that moves in a circular motion due to the flow of water. The turbine connects to a motor that converts the kinetic energy into electricity.

A centrifugal pump is exactly the reverse of this. In a centrifugal pump, a motor turns an impeller inside a chamber, which, in turn, pushes the water out in another direction.

This process has different types, each providing a different solution appropriate to a different set of problem conditions.

High-Pressure Flow

One common problem in several industries is how to produce a powerful water flow or jet. Experienced pump suppliers would recommend a multistage pump for this purpose. They normally stock different size vertical or horizontal multistage pumps available in various sizes, which deliver different flow and pressure according to user requirements.

There are different ways to produce high pressure, but one of the most effective and simplest ways to do it is to use a multistage pump. It uses only one motor and axle and iterates the process of increasing flow.

Multiple Chambers

In concept, the multistage pump is a simple innovation of a conventional pump. It starts off with water going through a chamber pushed by an impeller. This forces the water out of the chamber at a higher pressure than when it came in. The chamber connects to another chamber with its own impeller. The process repeats itself.

However, due to the higher starting pressure, the output pressure is also higher. The set of chambers are all encased in a single housing, all the impellers run through the same axle, and the chambers are in sequence.

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This results in increased water flow and pressure for each chamber that it passes.