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Give Your Home or Building A Fresh Look — But First, Remove the Old Paint

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017 08:56 AM / Comments Off on Give Your Home or Building A Fresh Look — But First, Remove the Old Paint / 665 views

A man unsuccessfully painted a wallYou take a look at your home or office building and you notice that the paint is starting to fade. It no longer looks the same house or building when you first moved in. That’s a sign it’s time to repaint and make your home or office building look sparkling new.

You can’t just put fresh paint over the old one, though. You’d have to scrape away the old paint first. Yes, it’s a tough job, but you’ve got to do it. Using a scraper and sandpaper to remove old paint will take time. A better way, as noted by Syntech, would be to use abrasive blasting.

Why Choose Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is an effective way to clean the walls of your house before beginning to paint. Its effectiveness lies in the use of blasting nozzle and compressed air. Experts explain that this blasting method cleans the substrate and produces a surface that will hold a new coat of paint. It also allows you to clean the walls of your house faster than any method. If part of your wall is metal, abrasive blasting is effective in removing rust on the metal surface.

Different Forms and Media of Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting comes in various forms and uses a different type of media. For example, wheel blasting uses centrifugal force to shoot abrasives against a surface. It also uses hydro blasting, which shoots water at high pressure to prep the surface for painting. To clean the surface well, these methods use media such as glass beads and white aluminium oxide.

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These are some of the reasons abrasive blasting is truly worth your time and money. It does not only ensure that the new coat of paint will hold. It also makes your newly painted walls pleasing to the eyes.