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Hold it: Ways to Keep Your Visitors Engaged

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 21 Sep 2016 15:40 PM / Comments Off on Hold it: Ways to Keep Your Visitors Engaged / 788 views

Website Strategy in BrisbaneCapturing visitors’ attention is one important element in helping your website convert better. The thing is, however, it can be a little challenging as users have cognitive limitations and short attention spans. In fact, if your website’s response time is not fast enough, users are likely to forget what they are doing while waiting for the page to load.

Entertain Through Novelty

Response time, however, is not the only thing that holds attention. If you want to sustain interest, novelty is beneficial. When presenting information, for instance, it is not advisable to post a text-heavy content to users. To keep their attention and motivate them to read it, you need to add images, make changes in the background, or lay out the text in a different way.

Demonstrate by Contrast

SEO experts in Brisbane note that people also pay attention to contrast. It sometimes gives assurance, helping them to come up with a decision. Contrast is commonly used in demonstrating the benefit of a product or service through before and after format. This works well in businesses that involve transformation like fitness, teeth whitening and beauty products. It is also beneficial in house remodelling, wealth growth, and conversion rates.

Make Them Feel Something

Emotions are another thing that captures attention. The content and design elements in your website should make people feel something or anything. Keep in mind that users don’t just pay attention to your message; they also remember the emotion you have made them feel. It is a good idea to reinforce your message with an expressive image and emotional copy that go along with it.

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Be Fun and Engaging

While it is true that users easily get bored, they can have a longer attention span when you entertain them. They are most likely to explore your website or get to know your business when they enjoy the experience and like what they see. The key here is to be relevant to your content, but don’t forget to present the information in a fun and entertaining way.

Users may have a short attention span, but how you present your website that can make them engaged. Consider the things that the brain pays attention to and make some changes in your website. Use image, text and other design elements that can capture attention and keep your visitors’ engaged.