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Home Care: Ease and Efficiency for Your Elderly Parents

By Admin / Published on Monday, 18 Dec 2017 03:11 AM / Comments Off on Home Care: Ease and Efficiency for Your Elderly Parents / 532 views

Elderly couple in front of bathroom mirrorsMaking the decision to take care of your elderly parents in your own home is a difficult but beautiful choice. However, while juggling careers, family and other concerns in your life, you’ll need to find ways to make that decision a little less challenging than it normally is. Here are a few technological solutions that can offer home comforts and assistance for both you and your seniors.

Home Automation

Clappers, programmable appliances and video intercoms are just a few of the modern gadgets that you can use to automate your residence. When added to existing senior-safety home features, such as grip bars, waist-high sockets and senior-friendly door knobs, these modern machines can make things a whole lot easier, enabling your parents to be more mobile or even better manage chores on their own.

Remote Monitoring Installations

The earlier versions of these programs included actual motion sensors installed in every part of the house. CCTVs would be everywhere, and you’ll even find wires sticking into every major appliance, even the toilet. However, these remote monitoring programs have now been placed into bracelets, necklaces, watches, and even cell phones, making it easier to monitor your seniors’ vital signs, movements and location.

Telemedicine Companies

They’ve been around for decades but are only recently being maximized by the medical community to reach patients from distant locations. Chiron Health reminds us that, these days, the internet has made telemedicine procedures and information dissemination a lot faster and more efficient. It also allows for greater connectivity with patients, generates faster responses to research findings, and provides a rich source of survey and study materials. You can enrol your seniors in a telemedicine program via local hospitals and even online.

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Admittedly, many of these technological advances may be an investment, but the comfort and assistance they can give you and your loved ones are priceless. And that’s not even including the safety and security that these features can offer your elderly parents. The best thing you can offer your seniors is your love and attention – but modern conveniences certainly make the caring process easier.