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How Can You Improve Your SMS Advertising Effectively?

By Admin / Published on Friday, 04 Aug 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on How Can You Improve Your SMS Advertising Effectively? / 786 views

Business man pointing to Mobile Marketing textCompanies need to find ways to diversify their approach and marketing strategies; one of the means to achieve this is to implement SMS advertising tactics. The latter provides you with another source of traffic, advertisement and conversions. However, haphazardly implementing plans will result in poor outcomes and wasted resources.

Industry experts, Singtel Media, cite the following ways you can efficiently and successfully leverage SMS marketing.

Simple and Direct Message

An SMS must be short and straight to the point; it must contain your brand message and what you offer. The more concise, the better; a potential reader may be in a hurry or does not want to read a long text on their mobile device. Maximise the space on a screen; include enough information to tease a reader into reading more, converting or performing the desired action.

Definite Call-to-Action

Calls-to-action are not only for websites and landing pages; you will need them for SMS marketing as well. You may have the best pitch and value added messaging, but without the CTA, you might not get the response and conversion you need. Make sure to include what you want from the reader at the end of the text; it has to be clear and distinctive.

Incentivise Your SMS

One of the ways to convert easily and get the response you want it to include deals, promotions and discounts in the SMS you send. When you offer these in your advertising pitches, a reader will likely try it, subscribe or look for other bargains they can get when they shop in your store.

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Be Consistent

Like any other platform used for branding, consistency is important; say the same message in your SMS, social accounts and other advertorials. You want to associate your company with one messaging; doing so allows you to build a strong brand identity and occupy a definite niche in the minds of consumers.