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How to Make Your Website Load Faster

By Admin / Published on Friday, 08 Dec 2017 21:52 PM / Comments Off on How to Make Your Website Load Faster / 475 views

A picture that shows a laptopWith so much competition online, website owners are making sure that user experience is always satisfactory. Apart from offering quality content, great layout, images and videos, websites must also load fast.

Studies have shown that clients wait an average of three seconds for a site to load; any slower and the site risks losing customers and potential income. Industry experts like Radview suggest employing any one or all of these methods to help websites load much faster.

Implement a Reliable Content Delivery Network or CDN

It is advisable for large websites to employ a CDN system to make the site load a lot faster. If you are an e-commerce site with thousands of images and pages, this is something that will help you gain more customers and orders.

CDNs take static files that include JavaScript, images, CSS and more and deliver them to servers in close proximity to the user’s actual location. Since the files are physically closer to them, they will load a lot faster for that particular customer.

Use New Image Formats

More than half a site’s weight is made up of images. Using creative tools like Picturefill or Adaptive Images can help make sizes smaller and still keep quality high. There are also new image formats like JPEG XR and WebP, which reduce file size without compromising the image’s integrity.

Additionally, some developers and designers also combine images into CSS sprites. What the sprites do is combine all of the background images in a single page and turn it into one image. The presence of the CSS background images ensures that the correct image segment is pulled up every time.

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Compress Files

File compression is the most obvious way to reduce file size and make websites load faster. Compression can be done using the GZIP compression algorithm, or your servers can automatically encrypt them using JavaScript, HTML, or CSS.

Faster-loading sites can help you generate more traffic and sales. Keep checking and auditing your site for possible improvements you can make.