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How to Reach Your Destination Using a GPS Device

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018 01:00 AM / Comments Off on How to Reach Your Destination Using a GPS Device / 458 views

Person using GPS map on mobileA Global Positioning System or GPS could save your life and shorten your travel time. This makes knowing how to use a GPS device an important survival skill. There are various GPS models available out there, but the basic controls remain the same. Here are some tips for beginners on how to operate a GPS.

Know the device that you are using.

Most of the GPS devices used today are the Garmin Nuvi models. All of them, as well as devices from other companies, have been tested using a Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna or CRPA simulator. This means your GPS device can communicate effectively with the satellites in orbit. You should read the manual to get instructions on how to use certain functions such as enabling a map.

Input your destination.

Not all GPS devices share the same control configuration, but you can travel using these methods:

– Point a location on the map

– Select the city

– Search for the point of interest or POI

– Look for the street intersection

– Give the latitude and longitude

– Use previously saved waypoints

– With a little bit of tinkering, you could figure out all these methods with your GPS device.

Prepare GPS for navigation.

Before starting out, go to the main screen of your GPS. Select Tools – Settings – Map – Map Info. The screen will then show all your maps. Make sure that the map you would like to use or view is the only one checked.

How to search for other locations

You want to use the GPS unit to know more about your current location. There are times, however, when you want to see other locations. If such is the case, do the following:

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– Go to the screen and point at the “Where To?” button.

– Another option appears; select the “Near…” button.

– If you’re looking for a different city, select that option, then “OK”.

– You can now type the city you’re looking for. Some GPS devices may require that the city’s name is typed in all caps. Select “Done” afterwards.

– The screen will show the various cities. Choose the one you typed earlier.

– A new menu will appear with several new options. At the screen’s bottom, hit the arrow icon to scroll down. Stop once you see the “Browse Map” icon. Take note that this particular option is not the same as “View Map.”

– Touch the “Browse Map” to see the location you want.