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Increase Your Payroll Efficiency through Automation

By Admin / Published on Friday, 16 Oct 2015 05:31 AM / Comments Off on Increase Your Payroll Efficiency through Automation / 699 views

payrollIn every business, the human resource department is responsible for sourcing talented workforce, training, and facilitating career development and remuneration for all workers. Traditionally, clerks who calculate the wages, pay taxes, effect payments and print pay slips for the staff manually process salaries. However, with new technology in place, the process is easier through the payroll software.

Four paybacks of adopting payroll software

Eliminates human error

Most of the human resource management’s tasks are recurrent. When it comes to executing repetitive tasks, people tend to lower their attentiveness to handling the numbers. It’s likely to result in human errors, causing delays in payments and tax remission to the authorities. However, payroll software like Salarium ensures thorough validation through automatic commands that prevent from making incorrect entries.

Integrated access

When it comes to dealing with promotions, transfers, retirements, leave awards and retrenchments, companies refer to past records. For multinationals, it may be difficult to retrieve paper documents that may expose the company to compliance issues. The software allows spontaneous journal integration that allows you to access all files with a click of a button.

Saves money

With companies experiencing increased costs of raw materials, fuel and levies, most are looking for cost-cutting opportunities. Automating the process is a welcome move for businesses seeking to cut the cost of labor. Unlike the manual system that demands the presence of a team of clerks and accountants, the software handles the bulk of activities and can be operated by a single executive.


Securing a company’s data is paramount for entities.  Conveying a message to an employee through a third party is risky. Sending printed payslips, and leaving reports and letters to the employees does not accord them the privacy they deserve. The in-house system offers payroll solutions that resonate with Global IT standards. In addition, you can perform your duties remotely through a protected page using your password.

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There’s no reason not to automate your payroll system. Enjoy the benefits of adopting payroll software.