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Independent Living: Are You Ready to Take the Leap?

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 12 Jan 2016 08:32 AM / Comments Off on Independent Living: Are You Ready to Take the Leap? / 691 views

Independent LivingChange is inevitable as you age. Aside from mental and physical abilities, one of the main changes you’ll have to accept and prepare for is leaving your beloved home to live with a family member or in an independent living community. However, know that independent living is not about taking your independence away, but making your daily life more manageable. To see if you’re ready for such a change, answer these crucial questions as truthfully as possible:

  • Can you still maintain your home as easily as before?

While maintaining your own home might be a source of satisfaction and pride when you’re younger, it could easily be a burden as your grow older. Although you can get help from friends and family, hire someone to do the cleaning for you or remodel your home to suit your needs, you can also consider independent living. According to a facilitator in an NC retirement community, you get flexibility and still retain your freedom, minus the upkeep and maintenance that comes with living on your own.

  • Is it getting harder for you to socialize with your family and friends?

You risk getting depressed and developing mental health issues if you’re isolated. You may be having issues driving around or struggling with mobility. Independent living communities will give tons of options for socializing with others in the same boat as you. Choose from structured activities like field trips, arts, or sports and have plenty of time for family visits. Communities likewise offer plenty of transportation options.

  • Can you take care of yourself (and your spouse) as you grow older?

When you ask yourself this question, consider not only your current health status, but also your health status in the next years or so. Will you be able to manage daily tasks such as showering, washing, prepping and cooking meals, eating properly, and managing your finances? Will you be able to go to your checkups and drink your medications on time? You may be ready for independent living if you’re concerned about these things.

It’s better to acknowledge and accept that you need some help sooner rather than later, so you’ll maintain your regular and independent (to some degree) routine much longer.

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