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It’s Plastic, It’s Fantastic: The Many Applications of Poly Bags

By Admin / Published on Monday, 28 Dec 2015 06:18 AM / Comments Off on It’s Plastic, It’s Fantastic: The Many Applications of Poly Bags / 681 views

The Many Applications of Poly BagsPeople in the business of selling already know the different types of packaging for products. If you haven’t decided which one of them to use for your products, perhaps the poly bag is right for you.

Poly bags provide customizable options for printing your logo. It can be used for products of any weight as well, and can withstand extreme temperatures, according to the experts at

Best of all, poly bags have a range of applications, from industrial products and retail goods to healthcare products.

Shopping Bags and Food Storage

Shopping bags have always been essential in malls and retail stores. Depending on what you sell, having different shapes and sizes of bags is important to have on hand. Poly bags, fortunately, can be made into any shape and size, can have handles die-cut into the tops, and can be made into zip lock bags and garment bags for different purposes.

Poly bags can also be used for food storage, as they are less prone to tearing. If you own a bakery or a restaurant, this is the perfect container for leftovers.

Mailers and Newspapers

When sending out newspapers or mailers, you need something that is sufficient or the unique shape and size of the object. Since mailers and newspapers remain sitting outside until someone picks them up, you want a container than can effectively protect the contents of the bag from harmful elements as well.

Poly bags are a good choice, as these are strong enough to secure mailers and newspapers, especially from rain or snow.

Medical and Dental Applications

Because poly bags are customizable, they are especially suitable for medical and dental applications. Medical and dental professionals need specimen bags and lab transport bags, and those made from polyethylene are perfect as they can hold up to whatever you put inside of it.

Because poly bags are printable, you can also put Biohazard symbols in the bags, which is important if the contents contain toxic chemicals or disease-causing organisms.

Poly bags are cheap, lightweight, strong, convenient, cost-effective, and easy to carry, making them the perfect container for a wide range of applications. From agriculture, bakery, dry cleaning, hosiery, house wares, through to pet food, shoes, and trade shows, the poly bag is clearly the number one packaging solution for businesses in any industry.