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Keep it Simple: Drawing in Results from the Landing Page

By Admin / Published on Monday, 18 Jan 2016 02:38 AM / Comments Off on Keep it Simple: Drawing in Results from the Landing Page / 729 views

Web Development in DenverThe landing page is any web page visitors can arrive at or “land” on. But, in the realm of advertising and marketing, it refers to a distinct web page from your main website that helps guide your traffic toward conversion goals.

Usually, a visitor spends roughly 5 seconds skimming through a page before deciding to close it or read further. The best way to glue the attention of your audience to these critical five seconds is by giving them what they are looking for. No gimmicks, no distraction — just a simple headline to convey your ad message.

There’s no point in distracting the visitors. A clear and concise landing page will make them feel that they made a good choice clicking your link and stick around to see more.

No to Complex Layout

Even if you have a target demographic don’t go crazy on graphical elements that you think your audience will gush all over. Denverdata Web says, “Beautiful isn’t enough.” In developing websites, function and information are just as important as designs when it comes to engaging your customers.

Your visitors will most likely have different ages, backgrounds, and preferences, which means they don’t share the same taste on designs and layout. So, don’t make the layout complicated. Visitors only need to see the information on the campaign, products, services, and call to action.

Make Things Simple and Relevant

Avoid lengthy descriptions on your landing pages. If you can describe it in less words, the better. Make sure everything you put on the landing page is relevant to the visitors and will have all the information they need to know. Also, use simple language to make the readers understand your message quickly.

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Be Transparent

Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and think about what they would need to know about the products or services you offer. The easiest way to improve your conversion rate is by highlighting the features and the benefits a product or service can bring them and why they should spend money for it.

Adding a third party credibility on your offers will give your visitors peace of mind on your quality and delivery. This could be testimonials or retweets from clients or customers you transacted with.

A good user experience will help you get higher conversion rate. Remember that a good landing page must be simple, but does not lack elements and valuable information.