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Key Tips for Stress-Free Invoice Management

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 07 Nov 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Key Tips for Stress-Free Invoice Management / 735 views

Woman consolidating invoices of her businessInvoice management is a headache for many small businesses, but it’s one of the most vital aspects that could positively or negatively impact its bottom line. For more effective invoice management, it’s crucial to generate and deliver invoices to clients at low costs. It should motivate clients to settle their invoices on time, every time. Below are top tips from ScaleFactor, Inc., to help you manage invoices the most effective way possible.

Automation Is Key

Plenty of businesses use various software tools to automate their accounting, billing, and purchasing processes. This effectively gets rid of redundant administrative work and decreases related expenses. It, in turn, improves these otherwise time-intensive and tedious processes.

Reduce Accounts Receivable Days

Income is crucial to all businesses, regardless of its size and nature. The accounts receivable days represent to what degree it would take your business to obtain the money from the sales that you have made. To minimize these days, you could send an invoice right after making a sale, offer various payment options at the time of sale, and offer rewards to clients who settle their invoices early or on time. Additionally, you could charge late fees or interest penalties for slow or clients that pay late.

Opt for Electronic Invoicing

Utilizing electronic invoices saves you money. It eliminates the need for expenses on paper, printing, mailing, and storage, all while boosting information security.

Make the Payment Process Easy

When payment processes are made easy, your clients will be more inclined to pay you as soon as they make a purchase. Provide different payment options, such as direct deposit, credit card, and through online banking.

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Track Your Invoicing System

Consistent and careful monitoring is vital to managing invoices efficiently. Regardless if you’re using manual processes or software tools for invoice management, you have to monitor your systems to see if they’re still working for you or if you need to make some tweaks. Additionally, produce daily, weekly, and monthly invoice reports. It should enable you to keep track of your collections and accounts receivables.

Effective invoice management will greatly help avoid collections and billing issues. However, while the improving your bottom line and keeping updated on your business’ progress are important, remember that without diligence, it is all for naught. Don’t neglect other key processes of your business.