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Landing Pages: How It Can Help Your Business

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 25 Feb 2016 00:17 AM / Comments Off on Landing Pages: How It Can Help Your Business / 724 views

Landing Pages in Brisbane Perhaps you’ve often heard of landing pages on pay-per-click ads, but you have no idea what they really are. It’s a page that attracts traffic from anywhere other than similar pages on your website. These pages are where your customers first land or notice when they log in to your site.

Although a lot of people have created landing pages, they haven’t made them specifically focused on a given category. If your visitors are looking for a specific category and they can’t find it on your landing page, they are likely to go elsewhere and making you lose money if you’re paying for clicks.

Landing pages should be clear and prompt the visitor to take the action you want them to take. If your visitor is able to get what they are looking for, this turns into higher search ranking as search engines rank your site based on relevancy. Having a good landing page also means that you are now able to improve your conversion rate, as your visitors ultimately took the action you wanted them to. It’s a great way to acquire loyal customers.

Here’s how you can make your landing page stand out:


Is your home page engaging enough to encourage your visitor to make the purchase? Having an “add to cart” button is important. Having user-centric options such as checking inventory, writing reviews and so on keep your visitors glued to your landing page. Ensure that you do not have too many options as this can easily confuse your visitors. Hiring a reliable SEO company in Brisbane is one way to make sure that your landing pages are attention-grabbing and that your position on SERPs is increasing.

Onsite modifications

Having a place where the user can modify their search query, instead of clicking back to the search results to modify their search terms, make work easier. Optimising your website by using filters, related prods, color and size selection is one way to get click backs.


Can your visitors share what they’ve found out? Having sharing connection buttons should be a key component of any landing page.

If you’re looking to improve your conversion rate and search engine rankings, your landing page needs to be compelling enough and provide the best user experience.