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Leveraging the Internet for Business: Three Ways to Make your Online Presence Felt

By Admin / Published on Monday, 30 Oct 2017 22:05 PM / Comments Off on Leveraging the Internet for Business: Three Ways to Make your Online Presence Felt / 727 views

Online marketing showing in a laptop screenWith all these technological developments and trends in today’s digital age, it becomes necessary for a business to adopt a more dynamic marketing strategy. If you are a business owner, it should be your primary objective to leverage the use of the internet to reach your customers. Here are some ways to make your online presence felt:

Build your own website.

As said on, having an ineffective or no website at all is bad for your business. These days, the consumers’ habit of using Google search for things they need or want has no signs of slowing down. A simple yet functional, informative and professional-looking website gives the impression that you mean business. Apart from boosting your credibility, it secures your business’ foothold in cyberspace. Consult professional website developers to make one for your business.

Create your social media accounts.

As of 2017, statistics show that 81% of the US population has a social media profile. On a global level, social media users are about to surpass the two billionth mark with 1.96 billion, and they are expected to hit 2.5 billion by 2018. Facebook leads the other platforms with 1.5 billion subscribers. Note that creating a profile on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter is still free. Just imagine how many potential customers you’d be unable to reach if you pass up on this opportunity.

Invest in mobile apps.

According to the analytics firm Flurry, US consumers now spend up to 5 hours per day using their mobile devices. Since 2013, mobile usage has been on an upward trend, as well as the shift from browser to mobile apps. Analysts predict that by 2019, about 72% of the total US digital ad spending will be mobile advertising. All these statistics indicate that investing in mobile apps would be a wise decision. Secure the services of a full stack developer for mobile to get started.

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Gone are the days when you just have to put up shop and hope that customers come to you. These days the Internet with its connective power and a far-reaching audience has leveled the playing field, especially for the small businesses. But regardless of your size, it’s time to take your place on the net and tell the world, “Come in. We’re open.”