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Mountain Climbing and What You Need to Prepare

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 16 Jun 2016 07:36 AM / Comments Off on Mountain Climbing and What You Need to Prepare / 773 views

Mountain ClimbingMany include mountain climbing on their bucket list. The activity is thrilling; however, it is not an easy feat. It takes strength and endurance before you can even attempt to climb your first mountain. That is why it is extremely important to train yourself before you even try.

Strength Training

Although climbing a mountain will not require you to be a power lifter, a certain amount of strength is required of you. After all, what you are going to lift up the mountain is not only your body but also your gear. Several exercises can help increase your strength for the challenge. Push-ups, chin-ups, kettlebell training, as well as the more traditional barbells, can be used to increase strength.

Stamina Training

Equally important is training your cardiovascular stamina. Mountain climbing takes a long time and will last from several hours to a few days. Your lower body will be the most active during the climb so train by hiking up steep slopes, mountain cycling, or even climbing up the stairs. Carrying a heavy backpack can also help you get accustomed to the load. The air up in the mountains is thinner than down at sea level so a certain amount of high altitude training will be necessary.


Of course, you will not be climbing mountains with just the shirt on your back or a pack full of food and water. You will need to bring with you several pieces of equipment to ensure safety on your adventure. Standard gear would be mountaineering boots. In addition, and depending on where you intend to climb, you may also need the wind- and waterproof outerwear, and thermal underwear. Headlamps, survival knives, and a satellite mobile phone are also necessary for other trips. You will want to check with others who have climbed before you for tips on what to bring.

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Once You’re There

Do not forget to enjoy not just the climb but also the great sense of accomplishment! Write about the experience in a journal (or a blog) and take photos to remember it by.