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Paint Spray Booths: Which One is Right for You?

By Admin / Published on Monday, 24 Apr 2017 03:18 AM / Comments Off on Paint Spray Booths: Which One is Right for You? / 984 views

Doing an Auto Paint Job in a Paint Spray BoothFor any startup, whether an auto body shop or an electronics manufacturing shop, finding the right type of paint spray booth could be a challenge. This is because it’s a general term that could mean anything from a large, highly customized booth with all the bells and whistles to a small, rudimentary enclosure.

Paint spray or paint booths come in several classifications according to the way the booth directs, handles, and filters the airflow. All the paint booth types could be categorized as such:

• Open-Type Paint Spray Booths – Open-face or open-type paint spray booths are made up of a ceiling, two sidewalls, and a filtered exhaust plenum at the rear. Air flows through the paint booth from an opening, towards the filtered exhaust plenum, and goes out of the building or workspace via an exhaust fan. This paint booth type is commonly used in furniture finishing and woodworking applications because it’s ideal for an array of small parts, even the tiniest plastic components.

• Pressurized Paint Spray Booths – These paint spray booths is fully enclosed and use also exhaust fans, but are supplied with the same air volume that’s directly ducted into them. In places with cold weather, air would be supplied to the paint booths through a process air heater or some other made up air system. This would create a scenario in which the booth system could regulate the cleanliness and temperature of the airflow better. However, you should consider some type of pressure control mechanism to make certain that the same air volume supplied to the paint booths is also expelled from the paint booths. This type of paint booth is popular in truck and auto refinishing and manufacturing, electronics manufacturing and refinishing, as well as any similar applications that require clean environments.

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• Non-Pressurized Paint Spray Booths – These are likewise enclosed paint booths that usually draw air via an inlet portion inside the booth, developed for enabling air into the paint spray section. The inlet portion is made up of filters that are mounted either on the plenum or the doors of the booth. The airflow flowing through the paint booth would be exhausted using an exhaust fan. Do note that both pressurized and non-pressurized paint spray booths are available in several configurations, which include the downdraft booth, crossflow booth, side-downdraft booth, and semi-downdraft booth. This paint spray booth type works for different industries, such as auto refinishing and manufacturing, metalworking, and fiberglass manufacturing.

Every style and type of paint spray booths is used for applications that it’s particularly suited for. Put simply, you should consider all your options when looking for a paint spray booths, keeping in mind their different styles and configurations as well as your space’s restrictions or limitations.