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Prevent Fire Accidents at Your Workplace

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 08 Dec 2016 07:34 AM / Comments Off on Prevent Fire Accidents at Your Workplace / 819 views

Workplace Fire Prevention HacksFire presents a very serious risk to workers, customers, and property. In many cases of fire, the cause could have been easily prevented.

To reduce the possibility of a fire putting your business and employees in danger, here are some suggestions: 

Enforce housekeeping rules

Your housekeeping rules should be intended not just for making sure the tools and materials are not lost, but for safety. The more clutter is present in any space, the higher its risk of fueling a fire.

Don’t overwork machines

Machines are usually forced to work overtime when there is a deadline. This can cause further delays and increase the risks of fire because an overworked machine might break down, cause a spark due to overheating, or even explode.

Use safer alternatives

There are some tools and equipment that can make work safer. A down draft paint booth is a good example. The suction and filtering system prevents paint contamination and also removes potentially combustible particles from the surrounding air.

Don’t leave oily rags lying around

If your shop uses lots of rags for cleaning oil, paint, and other flammable liquids, put them in a covered metal receptacle. Empty the can at the end of every workday.

Pay attention to wiring

Electrical wiring can start fires too if there is a fault that leads to sparks. They can also cause electrocution. Always inspect and maintain electrical wiring to prevent accidents. Do not ignore sparks.

Designate a smoking area

Some employees cannot avoid smoking, but you should implement rules about smoking only in a designated area far away from any combustible material.

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Train employees with the use of fire extinguishers

All of your employees should know how to use a fire extinguisher. Send them to training for this and other fire prevention related matters.

Fire is destructive and deadly, but it can be prevented by practicing safety and using the right equipment and machinery.