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Privacy Policy

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 13 May 2015 02:26 AM / Comments Off on Privacy Policy

We work hard in giving our readers the best experience on our website. As what we have stated in the past, we wish to become a preference in the industry and such is only if we give the best of what we can offer to our people. In line with this, we maintain a strict rule with regards to certain aspects of viewing our website.

These policies will also be critical in giving you the best experience as possible and as such, it is your responsibility to follow them. Below are a series of guidelines that covers pretty much everything on our website:

Personal information

Personal information is perhaps one of the most sensitive data a person can have. Because of this, we do not collect them unless our viewers give it to us voluntarily. The collection of personal information shall only be for the sole reason of replying to feedbacks, questions, and sending relevant updates that may also contribute to the improvement of the whole experience. It will also be strictly confidential. Such information shall include your name, e-mail, and other details that will enable us to reach you much easier.


In line with our efforts to keep our viewer’s contact information strictly confidential, we do not allow web cookies. Such can tract your online activities, which can be a cause of unfortunate complications in the future.

Your safety is our main priority and we would like to reassure everyone that by following these simple rules, nothing bad will happen to you.