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Professional Counselling: How It Can Help in Your Chosen Career Path

By Admin / Published on Monday, 05 Feb 2018 17:18 PM / Comments Off on Professional Counselling: How It Can Help in Your Chosen Career Path / 521 views

A group of professionalsAre you unsure how to achieve your career goals? Are you having a hard time determining what assets you can offer to companies? Are you tired of jumping from one random job to another? Well, you might want to consider tapping career counselling services to help you.

A good career counsellor can assist you in these aspects and more. Whether you are seeking help from a private firm, a college school, or a government agency, an expert can provide you with much-needed guidance. Here are three specific ways a career counsellor can help you:

Discover your own strengths

Before deciding to pursue any career, the first step is to assess what your skills, strengths, education, and values are. That way, you will be able to know which career would be the best match for your interests and capabilities. Your counsellor can help you conduct a self-evaluation and check which of your abilities and skills are most apt to your chosen field.

Know what you need to advance in your career

If there is any education, training or seminar you need to achieve and advance in your career, then you will know about that, too. Your counsellor will also provide you with information about useful resources you can check out.

Set effective goals

When it comes to goal setting, a counsellor’s advice can be perfect as well. You can use their expertise and experience in making clear and realistic goals to your advantage. They can also help you come up with good options along with alternative action plans.

Of course, career counselling likewise offers assistance in many other crucial aspects such as writing good CVs, creating a professional image, putting together a portfolio, conducting mock interviews, building and expanding your network, and much, much more.

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