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Search Over-optimization: Yes, It Happens

By Admin / Published on Friday, 27 Jan 2017 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Search Over-optimization: Yes, It Happens / 1462 views

SEOToo much of a good thing is bad. True in life, true in SEO.

Too much SEO can lead to over-optimization. You’ve created so many SEO improvements that they start to hurt your ability to rank. The moment you go above and beyond, Google starts questioning why your page has so much going on at once, and things can go downhill.

Avoid overdoing your SEO by using the right keyword and anchor text strategy.

Stay Within Your Niche

Don’t attempt to drive traffic for keywords that are not relevant to your site. Focus on your niche and your niche only. In the past, some webmasters would put adult-themed keywords in the content to increase traffic for those queries.

News flash: Anyone who went to the page for adult content will most likely not convert when they find out the page is not actually adult-themed. This is over-optimizing with off-niche, non-relevant keywords. Too much content and too many keywords that are unrelated will weaken your overall strength when Google indexes your site.

Instead, diversify. Avoid overusing one keyword while making sure the keywords you come up with are relevant to what you are. Use SEO software for ranking check for help. It can show you the performance of your target keywords, so you can find and compare ranking opportunities.

Don’t Use Keyword-Rich Anchors when Internal Linking

Internal linking is good, as long as you don’t use keyword-rich anchor text.

For example:

“Visit our amazing new resource page to know more about services”. (Links to:

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Anchor texts that use keywords or the exact URL of the destination can have their SEO merit. When you start overdoing it, you’ll start ruining your link profile, one of the most important components in SEO.

Instead, spread your anchor text across a phrase, which can contain up to 10 words. See the above example of an anchor text linking to a Quicksprout blog.

Over-optimization happens, but it can also be avoided. With these two tips, it’s easier to get your SEO strategy back on track.