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SEO Techniques You Should Abandon

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 15 Dec 2015 03:02 AM / Comments Off on SEO Techniques You Should Abandon / 859 views

SEOSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is an ever-changing field, with new techniques and strategies being developed to cope with the various new advances. And this also means that there are many techniques that were once effective, but are now on their way to obsolescence.

So, here are some search engine optimisation techniques thinks you might want to consider abandoning now.

1. Creating one page for every single keyword you are gunning for

Optimizing your web site’s pages for the specific keywords you are aiming for is definitely the name of the SEO game, and some sites would actually take this to its logical conclusion by having one page dedicated to a single keyword. While this is not necessarily bad, it will result in hundreds of unneeded pages. Thus, make sure that all such pages are there for a reason other than just having them for keywords.

2. Trying to put keywords into every meta tag

Inserting keywords into meta tags is one of the most basic lessons that you will be taught as a beginning SEO specialist. However, this is probably one lesson that is on its way out. As it turns out, Google isn’t using meta tags as a ranking factor anymore. Instead, the search engine giant’s web crawlers use only the visible text for the work. Hence, all that effort is only going to be a waste. However, meta tags are still important for other functions.

3. More links, more rankings

This is another basic tenet that was likely taught to you at SEO school. However, while it was indeed the case during the early days of the field, it is not so now. With the recent changes that Google did to its search algorithm, most notably the Panda upgrade, link relevancy has now become more important than link quantity. Hence, you can do more with just a few dozen well-chosen relevant links than hundreds of links.

4. Tracking rankings

Older SEO specialists tend to track their site’s rankings on a regular basis. However, that is also starting to change, as traffic is now starting to move from primary keywords to long tailed search phrases. Thus, you need to reconsider your strategy and take advantage of these instead.

Note that these are just some of the older techniques that you might want to shy away from. And as the field continues to change, the new techniques now might themselves become obsolete later. Hence, you need to be adaptable to stay in the SEO game.