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SIP Trunking: Simple Process, Multiple Uses

By Admin / Published on Friday, 02 Feb 2018 20:26 PM / Comments Off on SIP Trunking: Simple Process, Multiple Uses / 484 views

Person answering a phone callSIP trunking is converting all of a company’s phone calls into a single Internet or data connection by straightening the connection between a company and an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider).

Since SIP trunking taps an Internet or data connection, an IP-based data network is necessary. Also, a SIP trunk may contain multiple SIP lines. Learn the many benefits of this communications technology.

Reduced pieces of equipment

SIP trunking uses significantly less equipment than POTS or Plain Old Telephone System). With more equipment, the likelihood of malfunctioning is higher. That is not the case with SIP trunking. It also provides better protection against hackers, as there are fewer connections that may have weaknesses to tamper.

Increased savings

SIP lines save up to 70 percent on a company’s phone bill. Communication bills are also cheaper for local or long distance compared to traditional phone service provider or POTS. In addition, SIP lines use the existing connection to the POTS. Expenses for repairs of an inefficient connection is also eliminated, as SIP trunks use less equipment.

Flexible plans

With SIP trunking, the number of trunks can be added or removed in minutes. This can be done by requesting additional trunks or fewer trunks from the SIP provider. Some SIP providers offer metered and unlimited plans, depending on the client’s requirements. As such, a business that has grown may choose to expand its line of equipment.

On the other hand, a company in turbulent waters may reduce their expenses by using smaller requirements. The company only pays for what it uses.

Breaches in cybersecurity and the rise of operating costs are two of the biggest problems in businesses. With SIP trunking, you can simplify many processes. At the same time, online connections are made more secure. SIP trunking mindfully addresses old problems and may also be used for other applications. It may even give rise to better innovations in the future.

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