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Software Piracy: Friend or Foe to Hardcore Gamers?

By Admin / Published on Monday, 03 Oct 2016 07:33 AM / Comments Off on Software Piracy: Friend or Foe to Hardcore Gamers? / 940 views

Video Game Piracy in HamiltonThe internet has made it easier for consumers to access services online, such as Netflix and Amazon. However, some people abuse the internet to create illegal downloads, which threaten the future of music and films. Piracy has had a long-standing relationship with the gaming industry, which started back when Nintendo 64 and Sega consoles were still all the rage.

Free games are an offer we can’t resist

Sustaining a gaming addiction requires spending a lot of money to buy new games. A lot of gamers who feel the pinch in their pockets often turn to pirating as a way to feed their needs. However, top pirated game downloads such as Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty make it hard for developers to maximize their profit.

Will a good game will still sell itself, regardless of piracy?

Some gamers believe word-of-mouth news of great pirated games entice more people to buy the original. However, in most cases, fake CDs are created intentionally for terrible gameplay. Even if you only wanted to try the demo before buying it, people don’t usually grab an authentic version if they can already access it for free.

Piracy takes a toll on consoles

Already a threat to gaming developers, pirated games can also damage electronics too. Fake games are sometimes disguised as malware that slow down your PC or console and cause your files to crash. It can damage a motherboard and hard drive that costs a lot more than what people save by choosing to buy a pirated disc. If you’ve been a victim of malware in Hamilton, you won’t have to search far for expert electronic repair services.

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Piracy equates to easy access to favourite games. However, resorting to illegal downloads doesn’t help developers or your PC health at all. As long as you love a game, it will always be worth the cash spent on it.