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Starting a Dance Studio Business: Basic Planning

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 13 Oct 2016 01:00 AM / Comments Off on Starting a Dance Studio Business: Basic Planning / 912 views

 Dance Studio Business“So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars” are two successful television shows that are partly responsible for an increase in interest in dancing. Although dancing has always enjoyed popularity around the world, these two shows have made many people anxious to learn techniques and moves in a more formal fashion.

This is good news if you are an accomplished dancer or dance instructor. This means that interest in the dance instruction business is high, so there is no better time to open your own dance studio than now. To start your new business, you need proper planning.

Here are some aspects you need to look into:

Going Solo or Hiring Other Instructors

For a smaller budget, a smaller operation is as good a start as any. You can be the instructor if you have a small class — perhaps three to five persons, depending on your capacity to handle people. Remember, though, that not all people have the same skill levels. This is another item you have to think about.

If the budget can handle a bigger operation, you can build a bigger studio and hire additional instructors and perhaps an assistant. With more instructors, you can teach more people for more hours in a day. This, however, entails more responsibilities, including payroll and scheduling.

Scheduling Classes and Billing

Classes are less challenging if you only have a handful of dance students. However, as mentioned earlier, they are not the same in skill level, so you may have separate classes for beginners, intermediate, and expert. The prices may differ from every level, and so will the schedule. This is only for one kind of dance; if you teach different styles, that’s another matter.

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So you can see that whether you’re doing this on your own or with a few other instructors, scheduling and billing are going to be a challenge. You may have to use software that your assistant or you can learn easily. Check dance studio software reviews online to choose which will suit your needs.


The location is one of the most important parts of your studio. You can start it at home if you have space, but it cannot be an ordinary garage or extra room. You can attract customers better if you have a professional looking dance studio, so you may have to build one in the extra space in your property.

You can also just lease a place in a location that’s more accessible to clients. For a dance studio, the bigger space, the better, especially if you have a big class or other instructors. You will also be fitting the studio with floor to ceiling mirrors and a good sound system, plus a padded floor. Sound absorption is going to be a concern too.

These are only a few of the things you should include in your plan. Once you get the basics together, you will enjoy a steady flow of customers with some marketing.