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Technology and Security: Taking a Step Up

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 26 Apr 2017 03:09 AM / Comments Off on Technology and Security: Taking a Step Up / 975 views

Finger print technology being used by a businessman for security

Governments invest a lot of money in their countries’ respective security and defense forces because safety is paramount, not just on the international scale, but also on the national one. While using the most advanced tactics and technology to protect the country is a must, using technology to protect a community or even a household is also necessary.

Technology has branched out into different aspects of security. Below are some of the venues one can enjoy them from.

How technology has affected different aspects of security:

1. Public security

Your safety when you get out of your house is the responsibility of public authorities like your local police officers and firefighters. Aside from going digital, local offices have also started using public safety software to make it more convenient for responders and authorities to attend to problems.

2. Commercial security

Stores and businesses install and utilize CCTVs to monitor their properties thoroughly. CCTVs are also used in public spaces like lamp posts etc. Retail establishments also enjoy the convenience of technology through having digital security systems.

3. Private security

Nowadays, phones are not the only ones that are “smart”. Home security is also becoming “smart” thanks to a wide variety of programs and software one can install to increase their home protection. Such security features would not only help make your homes more secure but can also help you conveniently run around your space.

4. Personal security

People are so entangled with their gadgets (i.e. phones, tablets, and laptop) that their personal information is often at risk of exposure to different kinds of people. Technology has made people’s personal security at risk, but it is also that same technology that makes it safer for people to access their bank accounts using their phones without the fear of it getting hacked.

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Safety and security are something that should not be compromised. Understand and utilize how technology can change today’s security game.