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The Internet of Things Movement: Satellite Communication Matters

By Admin / Published on Monday, 19 Dec 2016 05:38 AM / Comments Off on The Internet of Things Movement: Satellite Communication Matters / 1001 views

Satellite CommunicationThe Internet of Things (IoT), a burgeoning movement, is a basket of promises, especially in terms of services enabled through the interconnected network of devices. Apart from making people’s lives easier, it also sets the stage for the upcoming wave of newer technologies.

Most people overlook satellite technology’s role in establishing better communication links, especially in remote areas where networks are out of reach. Through this connectivity, systems connect users to various areas in the world.

Even the Internet of Things will not survive without the help of satellite communications.

Remote Assets and Sensor Networks

Business operations extending to regions out of geographical reach benefit greatly from satellite telecommunication. These businesses rely heavily on satellites for critical communication means which are necessary for real-time asset management and facility monitoring in offshore platforms and unmanned sites.

Companies focused on energy and mining also receive extensive usage of satellite-based sensor networks, which provide good support for offshore projects.

For The Benefit of Cities and Infrastructures

The IoT’s and satellite communication’s broadband connectivity make cargo vehicles, trains, and vessels move at faster paces. Incorporating these two is now a trend in global transportation. Satellite telecommunication plays an important role in revolutionizing today’s mobility services.

Cities also harness the capability of the IoT to drive more energy efficient measures, as well as better resource allocation towards creating more sustainable cities. Satellite networks also extend smart grids to remote areas where networks often fail.

Wider Coverage

Recent innovations have resulted in newer breeds of revolutionized IoT applications for intelligent devices. Since keeping up with the times is important, billions of devices will require the Internet of Things for ubiquitous network coverage. Fortunately, satellite communications make it easier.

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Satellite telecommunication has a lot to offer to the IoT landscape. The benefits discussed here are merely parts of much bigger picture. To deliver on promises, operators and carrier integrators must work hand-in-hand; leading up to smoother connectivity for a better future.