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The Most Efficient Databases Thrive on Proper Maintenance

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 12 Jan 2016 08:35 AM / Comments Off on The Most Efficient Databases Thrive on Proper Maintenance / 561 views

SQL Server ConsultingDatabase administrators (DBAs) who are implementing new solutions always find themselves asking for help. And who can blame them? The world of SQL servers is complicated, especially for learned professionals. Frequently, the questions come from non-professional DBAs due to their ownership of and responsibility for a database.

Like any aspect of the IT world, a one-size-fits-all method does not work as an effective solution, especially in terms of database maintenance. Still, there are key areas that require your attention. Failure to address these issues will result in one or more serious problems (e.g. reduced productivity and data loss).

Log File and Data Management

SQL DBA maintenance should focus first and foremost on database concerns regarding the current data. You should ensure that you contain and separate all your files from everything else. Also, prioritise auto-growth configuration to avoid mix-ups in your maintenance plan.

When your files and data share a volume with other applications, you might experience file fragmentation. Excessive fragmentation plays a small role in poorly performing queries, especially those that hold large amounts of data. In terms of log files, it has an impact on your system’s performance.

Detection of Potential Corruption

Data is the most important aspect of your system. Whether you like it or not, a sudden power outage might cost you valuable information, especially if you are less than prepared. How do you make sure that your data remains protected in the event of a disaster?

Fortunately, your server has a mechanism that can detect the situation. This usually involves storing sectors of the page and also writing a pattern for replacement. Newer versions of SQL servers have a more comprehensive system called page checksums, which easily detects corruption on any page. Keep these checksums enabled for continuous detection of potential corruptions.

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Final Reminders

Your database stays healthy if you keep the following “must-dos” in mind. For example, never forget to remove the excessive transaction log file fragmentation and turn off all instant initializations. Have a regular process as well for full data backups and other log backups for recovery.

Maintenance is the key to an effective SQL server. Apart from saving you time, it spares you from the unnecessary stress that comes with dealing with a complex system.