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The Recent Buzz on Facebook Live: What Marketers Should Know

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 30 Aug 2016 15:09 PM / Comments Off on The Recent Buzz on Facebook Live: What Marketers Should Know / 893 views

Facebook LiveFacebook Live is more than alive and kicking. Changes are coming soon, and marketers should be prepared.

Facebook and its users are not new to updates. The social network now allows broadcasts that last up to four hours or continuously, in some cases. Users can also hide comments and reactions, set restrictions on who sees the broadcast, and watch in full screen.

Here’s a breakdown of some of their updates:

The Continuous Live

Before, even Minneapolis’ seasoned SEO practices couldn’t imagine going live on Facebook. Now, you can.

Facebook added the continuous live feature a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, some marketers missed the go signal. According to the social network, a number of continuous live users included live feeds of museums, zoos, and aquariums.

Despite the benefits, there’s also a catch. Followers won’t receive notifications that you’ve gone live. Also, after the broadcast, no one can watch it again. Users should watch it live — there’s no replay or rewind button yet.

Hiding Unwanted Comments

Commenters will vary — everyone’s got something to say and not all of those words are good. Sometimes, negative comments affect how other viewers see your broadcast. If you don’t want to see those reactions, Facebook now allows users to hide during the video-only mode.

All you have to do is swipe right to hide nasty comments. If you want to bring them back, just swipe left. This reduces distractions and also keeps the viewers focused.

Go Full-Screen Live

Another change that prioritizes viewers over broadcasters is the full-screen mode. No need to keep up with the square vision — users can revel in live broadcast in its full-screen glory. While Android users must wait until the summer, iPhone users can now enjoy the feature. It works with both portrait and landscape viewing.

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Facebook Live benefits both users and marketers. If you’re the latter, don’t let the opportunity pass. Get to know the full potential of Facebook Live and watch it do miracles live.