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Things to Consider Before Going Solar at Home

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 07 Jul 2016 11:01 AM / Comments Off on Things to Consider Before Going Solar at Home / 746 views

Going Solar at HomeYou’ve probably heard about the growing popularity of using green energy and are now considering doing the same. Your neighbour has been talking to you about trying it anyway and they seem to be enjoying the benefits of their installation.

According to Ecolution, solar panel installation is one of the best ways to cut down on the energy you use that comes from a power plant somewhere and delivered to your home via underground or elevated wires. Going solar lets you cut down without making you sacrifice many creature comforts that can only be possible with electricity.

There are some considerations you should look into before calling the solar panel provider in your area.

1. Solar panels are useless without their source of power, the sun. The best candidates for installation are those within areas that are typically exposed to a lot of sunlight. If your house is surrounded by trees that cast a constant shadow over your house, you may need to build a place out in the open for the panels. If most of the year your area has rain or snow and the sky is typically overcast then panels like this may not be for you.

2. The size of your panels dictates how much power they can generate. This is a decision you have to base on how much power you need to supply your home. What kind of lighting or appliances do you have? The heavier your use, the more panels you need. Don’t worry about generating excess electricity; you can have that electricity returned to the grid so your power company will compensate you for it (perhaps in the form of rebates or deductions to your yearly total). You’ll have to talk to your installers regarding connecting to the grid, though.

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3. The system has to be safe. This is why DIY-ing this kind of job is not advisable, and neither is having someone install your panels for half the price a professional will. Professional technicians have the training, tools and experience to get the job done right. If you do a shoddy job, this may result in damage not only to the panels or entire system but to the appliances or lights that are affected. It may also result in a fire.

Talk to your service provider regarding the installation of the panels. They will give you an estimate based on a few factors: your location, usage, etc. Find out how much energy you need and consider having your panels installed by professionals.