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Top eLearning trends in 2016

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 15 Mar 2016 08:13 AM / Comments Off on Top eLearning trends in 2016 / 707 views

eLearning eLearning authoring tools have revolutionized the way traditional classrooms function. This is good news for both the learner and the instructor. The right eLearning authoring tool can make all the difference for customers and eLearning companies. With each passing year, new innovations and applications are bringing about a sea of change and 2016 seems to be no different. shares some of the trends that will come alive in 2016.

Gamification: Using games as an eLearning authoring tool has been around for a while now and there are signs that this will become an integral part of online training this year. A successful Gamification strategy can be used to train people who are either reluctant or unmotivated. There are enough advanced eLearning authoring tools available now that make it possible for people to design training modules, even if they don’t have prior game design experience. These include assets, eLearning templates and libraries.

Cloud-based eLearning: Cloud-based platforms have taken the world by storm and eLearning authoring tools are no different. While data security has been an issue in the past, advanced encryption techniques are able to ensure data security. Cloud-based eLearning authoring tools offer the advantage of reduced cost and are more accessible. Scaling up the operation and introducing new features and updating content have all been simplified with cloud-based systems.

Responsive eLearning systems: This is simply another word for an eLearning authoring tool that can be accessible on different kind of platforms and devices. The system automatically adjusts to the elements of the course, making sure that all users get the same eLearning experience regardless of the screen size and resolution of the device they are using. Some eLearning authoring tools also have a built-in previewer which allows the developer to get a glimpse of how the content looks on different platforms and devices.

This is just a sneak peek into the world of eLearning authoring tools and what it has to offer in 2016. It promises to be an exciting time both for the user and the developer. Developing an eLearning application has never been so easy or so exciting; a new era of eLearning authoring tools is revolutionizing the industry.