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Types of Law Enforcement Software

By Admin / Published on Monday, 23 Jan 2017 03:23 AM / Comments Off on Types of Law Enforcement Software / 1137 views

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There are several varieties of law enforcement software available today. These software systems are designed to help the police and other investigative agencies work more efficiently and respond more promptly. Since this software gives them quick access to various data and necessary information, they can move forward with their investigation and enforcement of the law. Software systems have become a valuable tool in public safety and enforcement sectors, as these applications help to ensure the well-being of the officers and the public at large.

DNA index systems

An important law enforcement software is the DNA profiling software. This is known as CODIS or combined DNA index system, and it maintains national, state and local records of DNA profiles. The forensic index of the profiles includes evidence gathered from samples of semen, saliva, and blood collected from crime scenes, convicted offenders, among others. The other index is called convicted offender index, which has DNA profiles of convicts of proven crimes. This database helps investigators organize their inquiry and share the leads they find with other police officers and enforcement personnel.

Computer forensic software

The other very popular software is computer forensic system. This program is designed to automatically detect computer fraud,  and to analyze computer data, as well as locate deleted, corrupted, even encrypted files which may provide clues to help solve a crime, and the like. This system can detect all illegal operations conducted on a computer. The results obtained from using this software can be documented and admitted in a court of law, as evidence.

Solving cyber crimes

There are many software companies that are developing applications and systems that can automatically generate accurate responses and save you a lot of money, in the process. Most law enforcement software manages almost every aspect of an investigation, including copying, retrieving data, and evaluating evidence.  There are many software kits that update continuously and are likewise sharper at solving cyber-specific crimes. The software can instantly detect unauthorized and illegal cyber operations.

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Software applications are constantly evolving and improving, in terms of both variety and accuracy, as the need for these has become evident.  Choices are numerous, and you can pick a software best suited to your specific requirements and circumstances.