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Understanding Geotagging and Its Pros and Cons

By Admin / Published on Wednesday, 03 May 2017 03:56 AM / Comments Off on Understanding Geotagging and Its Pros and Cons / 1284 views

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You may or may not know about geotagging. You may have been using the feature without fully understanding its purpose or without knowing that it exists. As technology advances, devices and social platforms provide us many conveniences that allow us to function more smoothly. Geotagging is one of them.

So… What Is Geotagging?

Geotagging exists online. It is a feature found in social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among many others. Also called as geospacial metadata, geotagging works by manually or automatically including your location onto your photo, video, and/or status posts. Through this, followers can determine where you are or where you captured an individual post.

Mobile manufacturers and social media platforms utilize GPS generators like CAST Navigation to specifically locate a user, allowing him or her to broadcast an event and location. Like other technological advancements, geotagging has its pros and cons as well.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Geotagging

One of the biggest advantages of geotagging is that it provides more context to social media followers. It allows marketers and entrepreneurs to draw more customers into their brand and ultimately, their store location. Apart from this, geotagging makes customers feel more connected to a brand, encouraging them to share their content and post about their products and/or services. Businesspeople also say that through geotagging, they can collect data on certain locations, which helps them know more about their audience’s behavior even in various areas.

Many people, however, see a conflict in geotagging with online security as the most significant concern. While some are open to transparency, the dangers of geotagging come into play by providing constant location updates to the public thus exposing users to other audiences. As a result, data breaching and privacy become highly at risk.

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Geotagging remains as an essential part of innovation as people from different parts of the world choose to connect and share their experiences. It is important, however, to utilize geotagging cautiously and as an advantage to your personal needs and/or business.