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What to Do When Producing Your First TV Ad

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 31 Jul 2018 18:32 PM / Comments Off on What to Do When Producing Your First TV Ad / 156 views

TV advertisement playingWatching a TV ad, you might think they’re easy to produce – but the truth is, a lot of things went on behind the scene to put together that minute or half-a-minute spot. But TV ads remain an effective and powerful marketing tool.

If you want to air your company’s first TV ad, you need to consider a lot of things. It’s smart to ask experts for advice. There are video production companies in Denver that can help you.

What to do in pre-production?

A script and storyboard set everyone on the same track as to the outcome. A timeline also helps get everyone on the same page. Encourage everyone involved to follow the schedule. Re-shooting costs a lot, so do delays in production.

Before the shoot ensure that everyone knows their job – from the creative director to the production assistants. Knowing their role helps everyone work smarter. In pre-production, you also scout and finalize a location. If the ad doesn’t have to be on the field, you have the option to book a studio.

What to do during production?

Filming an ad can be stressful. Productions are unpredictable and things can go wrong. Have backup plans. Be ready to make minor revisions to the script on-the-spot, as necessary.

Before the actual filming, orient everyone to stay focused to avoid mistakes. Have equipment like camera, lights, and microphone set up early to save time.

Help the production people by creating a relaxed environment. Provide food and schedule breaks.

What to do post-production?

It’s now time for video editors to get their creative juices flowing. The director will guide the editors. For your part, don’t micro-manage, especially if you do not have much of a background in video production. You may be their client, but they know what your clients want to see. Your suggestions matter, of course, but micromanaging is not advisable. Trust the people you have hired for the job to do the job right.

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TV ad production can be overwhelming. You can make it easier by hiring a team. Have a vision, impart this to the team. Iron things out, beforehand. Then trust them to help you make your vision a reality.