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What to Look for when Finding the Best GPS Tracker for Your Needs

By Admin / Published on Monday, 26 Feb 2018 16:28 PM / Comments Off on What to Look for when Finding the Best GPS Tracker for Your Needs / 387 views

Man using GPS trackerGPS trackers are useful for monitoring a car or a person. There are numerous types, and the best one is usually the most suitable for your needs. Here are some of the criteria people are looking for in a GPS tracker.

GPS trackers are usually tested using an inertial simulator. This is to ensure that the device will continue to operate even in adverse conditions. You wouldn’t buy a GPS tracker that will stop working at the first bump in the road.

Battery life

Battery life is also a main concern especially if you plan to use the tracker continuously for long periods. Most trackers, if used two hours per day, can last up to a week without recharging. Some units have a built-in motion sensor that can extend battery life further.

Hardwired GPS tracker

If you want to monitor a vehicle permanently, you only need to install a hardwired unit. Hardwired trackers don’t have their own batteries since the vehicle’s electric system takes care of the needed power. You can install the device yourself or have a mechanic do it.

Plug-and-play GPS

Plug-and-play trackers also get their electrical power from the car. Unlike hardwired units, no installation is required with plug-and-play devices. The tracker is usually plugged into the car’s diagnostic port. Most trackers today are compatible with almost any car model made after 1996.

Internet connection

Some companies even offer real-time access from your GPS tracker. Using your laptop or mobile device, you can see what the driver is seeing from the convenience of your home or office. Vendors usually offer a monthly or yearly service, but some may accept payment for a one-time access.

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GPS data logger

Use a GPS data logger if you just want to know where the vehicle went during its shift. You won’t get real-time info, but you’ll still have data that include location and speed. Simply get the GPS logger and download the data to your computer.

Some GPS trackers integrated into a car’s computer system also provide additional features. These trackers may provide data such as current speed or distance covered. GPS trackers come in all shapes and types. Some of them are small enough to track people or cars covertly.