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What to Pack to Europe

By Admin / Published on Friday, 04 Mar 2016 10:05 AM / Comments Off on What to Pack to Europe / 890 views

Traveling in EuropeWhether you’re planning on travelling to Europe for only a week or want to stay there for at least a month, you need to plan what will go into your suitcase. The first step to this crucial packing stage is deciding on your priorities.

What do you need more, comfort or convenience? Do you plan on travelling light or carrying all your necessities in your kit? Do you want to purchase other necessities abroad to experience their culture or do you want to bring your own?

Whatever you decide, here are the must-haves in your travel luggage.

Sim Card

Although the internet can help you stay connected to your friends and relatives in Europe, you will surely find it more convenient and even reliable to have a Europe SIM card. UK Prepaid Sim Card says several companies are selling ready-to-use SIM cards so you don’t have to look far for a store that sells these after landing.


No matter the season of your travel, remember to pack in layers. Europe’s weather is constantly changing. You might experience a brief period of wetness even when summer is already ending or the sunny afternoon can quickly get chilly in a matter of hours.

Bring thin breathable fabrics so you can stay cool when the weather gets too warm, but also pack jackets and outerwear that are preferably waterproof and hooded, so you can also stay dry when the rain suddenly pours.


To avoid running around looking for pharmacies or chemists for your medicine, remember to bring your own. Include aspirin, motion sickness medicine and upset stomach pills to aid with the most common discomforts.

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Chargers and electric adapters are typically forgotten by travellers. Make your trip easier by adding these essential travel accessories into your luggage. Ear plugs, travel towel and a money belt for your hidden wallet can also come in handy.

Certain packing cubes and folders can also help you organise all the things you intend to bring. Create a checklist, building up from the basics to the accessories, to keep your items ordered and organised.